Zero discipline, all-purpose flour for digital interactive media.

Honestly, just a project list rather than a portfolio.

2021-07-30: Visit my GitHub Profile ( ) for more recent works.
2020-05-12: Older Project Pages won't be populated until I create them, I am still organising them.


Kontent Management System Website Generator using data from Google Drive/Docs

Studies and Self-Learning

GW2 Character Sheet Plugin PHP Wrapper for Guild Wars 2 webAPI
Runtime Grid Level editor Unity Project
Alatus 3project eAthena Ragnarok Online Server Mod (MMORPG modding in C language)

Ancient Projects

ofPandemonium Garden of Pandemonium Rebuilt
Penta-Pawnicide TD Unity Project
Pathcraft Unity Project
LARPegaverse RPG Unity Project
Garden of Pandemonium RTS Unity Project (UnityScript)