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Experimentations on an idea

With the whole boom of virtual animated personalities, I had the idea of building one, not necessarily to use, but an excuse to play with HTML5 and play with ideas. This however, spiraled into larger ideas that HTML5 would not be able to handle through only browsers.

A simple system for 2D animated characters hooked into Twitch’s event  triggers.

I ended up porting the project over to Unity since ideas I had wanted to play with was not possible with browser limitations. New post on that later.


- p5.js a client-side JS platform
- p5.js library for games and playthings
- p5.speech Web Audio Speech Synthesis / Recognition
- ComfyJS Comfiest Twitch Chat Module

HTML5 p5.js / comfy.js experimentations

I have removed the microphone input ( p5.sound ) component to this showcase. However, the backend still contains a prototype of what I had built using a combination of p5.js,, p5.speech and comfy.js.

This does mean the twitch events can still trigger the animation and text to speech library I have built for it.

You can view all the source files on my GitHub Page:

Quick animation sample