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Experimentations on an idea

With the whole boom of virtual animated personalities, I had the idea of building one, not necessarily to use, but an excuse to play with HTML5 and play with ideas. This however, spiraled into larger ideas that HTML5 would not be able to handle through only browser.

A simple system for 2D animated characters hooked into Twitch’s event  triggers.

I ended up porting the project over to Unity since ideas I had wanted to play with was not possible with browser limitations. New post on that later.


I made Moosic Player in Unity3D

This is an offshoot of a larger project. Originally to be a simple and minimal in function for an audio player. I decided that I would like more functions than just the basics Play/Pause/Next functions. Ultimately, I will be hooking this up to Twitch’s API so that Twitch chat can have some control over the playlist.

Took a lot more time than I thought it would. Debugging and scouring message boards for specific help did not solve the encountered problems. However, I found an interesting article that helped Continue Reading